NOVEMBER 24-29, 2002


Jamaica's CAC Team.

Front row - Jevon, Tomothy and Angela: Middle row - Mariana, Tamara and Jackie: Back row - Dominic and Micheal

Angela and Jevon in a playfull mood

Tamara teaching Coach Walter how to use her fancy stopwatch. Timothy Wong in the background

Coach Walter deep in thought

The Jamaican Swimmers before Mariana arrived in El Salvador

Mariana Chuck during warmup

The Pool Faclility - a good one

Do they really have to swim that far?

Timothy Wong getting ready to dive into the "sprint lane" during warmup

Dominic Lee and Timothy Wong

Cayman Island Heather Roffy after winning the the Gold in the 200 M Butterfly

Tamara Swaby and Golda Marcus (El Salvador)

Sonia Oneal (President of the Barbados SA) and Vincent Wallace Whitfield (President of the Bahamas SA) shopping at a craft shop

Beautiful San Salvador from the hills

Scenic El Salvador - looks a lot like Jamaica (except for the volcanos)

Another view of the capital city, San Salvador

The Cathedral in San Salvador

Is that really a volcano? Of course it is!