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The need for a National Learn To Swim Programme was conceived by John Eyre in 2000, then President of the Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica. His objective was to improve the overall standard of Learn to Swim education, increase water safety awareness and make Learn to Swim available to all persons across Jamaica.

After a few failed start up attempts two volunteers from the United Kingdom, Cath and Peter Moore, committed two years to make the vision become reality and in January 2005, SwimJamaica was born. Cath and Pete stayed on for two additional years working to complete the SwimJamaica product.

Cath, with her physical education expertise, and Peter with his marketing background, were the perfect combination for creating a fantastic Learn to Swim product for the Jamaican environment and suitable for entrepreneurs wishing to start their own learn to swim business . Launching with the Children’s programme, the Toddlers and Adults programmes soon followed.

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