It's never too late to learn to Swim!!

This morning I took

Gerry talks about his decision to start learning to swim with SwimJamaica after being our guest speaker at one of our workshops earlier this year.

the big plunge.

I am excited, nervous and a whole buffet of indescribable emotions besides.

In another 4 months the public system will recognize me as a senior citizen, and yet I have listened to my inner voice that tells me it is time...

Time to learn how to swim.

I almost said _"let that *sink in* for a while"_ ... However it didn't feel quite right, based on some nightmarish thoughts I have been having about this decision.

Can I tell you though? Many of the people with whom I have shared my intention were not particularly supportive.

The most common response was deep, rumbling, belly bottom laughter.

Jaw dropping incredulity was a close second.

So much so dat me just stop talk bout it and start to examine me own head.

There are so many _'reasons'_ not to do this. Plus it's not like I could be ridiculed for not doing fact it's non-Jamaicans who are more likely to be perplexed about _'island folk'_ who tend not to do much more than play in the water or pose on the beach.

One blog I just read with the provocative heading *_'Why Can't Jamaicans Swim?'_* The blogger, *Kristi* paints herself as an incurable 'Jamaica-phile'

In her *about me* section she says

_'Jamaica has conquered me. It’s turned me into a full-time addict of its people, culture, food and adventures, and my allegiance has slowly shif